SugarBar Disposable 8000 Puffs

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Product Overview

Mint: cool. Satisfying. Refreshing. Mint is a crisp and cool vape that can be enjoyed all day long
Strawberry freeze: sweet, like summer day, with succulent strawberries, and a refreshing crisp hit of coolness
Passion grapefruit: we took fruit and made it sweeter. fruit that tastes just like Candy. As tart as the perfect grapefruit and sweet, like passionfruit
Georgia peach freeze: enjoy the taste of a fresh peach that’s been sitting on ice at your grandmas house
Sugar Ropes: like floating on a cloud of nothing but sweet, sweet sugar clusters on a candy rope
Watermelon patch freeze: sweet and sour watermelon, with a very refreshing twist for the perfect way to embrace that sweet tooth.
Mango chews freeze: taste the cool, calming sensation of mango chews ice. Reminiscent of a fresh mango ice pop
Pink cream: have you ever tasted pink cream before? Think strawberries and ice cream for an out of this world taste
Mango banana: a decadent blend of mango and banana landed with a refreshing waterfall breeze
Berry freeze: a Berry-licious blend of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry come together with a hint of mint that is sensational
Lemon mint: zesty tasty lemon with a splash of mint. You’ll be loving the combo of tangy lemon covered in cool mint
Raspberry pineapple: sweet succulent raspberries paired with tropical pineapple will have you coming back for more
Lemon passionfruit: passionfruit is a staple in eliquid and we made it better combining it with sweet zesty lemon.
Mimosa: no need to explain the flavor of this, but if you don’t know… think cool champagne and orange juice
Blue razz: have you ever tried a blue raspberry? We’ll get ready to enjoy something sweet and sour with a hit of berries


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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