What is CBD and how is it made?


What types of CBD are there?

There are 2 types of CBD that come from hemp. CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD. Both CBD types can be made in to oils, lotions, gummies, candy, chocolate, gum, vape oils, etc. 

CO2 extraction is the best method used to create CBD oil. The 'supercritical' or 'subcritical' extraction method puts carbon dioxide under high pressure while maintaining a low temperature. The gas is transformed into a liquid due to the pressure and then passed through the plant material with up to a 90% extraction efficiency. The resulting extract a highly concentrated, totally pure oil extract. More information about this can be found here: Link

What is the difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Full spectrum?

CBD Isolate

This isolate is made by first extracting the oil using Ethanol, Hydrocarbon, Lipid or CO2 Extraction. Next, chemists use a process known as chromatography to remove plant materials and other cannabinoids. Lastly, the compound is heated and activated from CBDA to CBD using a process called by decarboxylation.

At their purest form, these isolates are a crystalline white powder comprised of 99%+ cannabidiol. All other cannabinoids, terpenes, plant materials, oil, and chlorophyll is removed in the creation of this powder. All that is left is naturally sourced CBD crystals that carry no odor or flavor.

Isolates are Not Full-Spectrum
As a consumer, you should understand that while isolate products are versatile, they are not as effective as an oil containing a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile. The single-cannabinoid CBD is less effective than a full-spectrum product due to the entourage effect. More information about this can be found here: Link

Full Spectrum CBD

The natural hemp our farmers grow here in Colorado is extracted using a
mixture of CO2 and ethyl alcohol to ensure a truly complete representation of all the wonderful benefits hemp has to offer. The blended extracts contain over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids including CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN, and many others – CBD being the most
prevalent. In addition to the cannabinoids naturally present in our
hemp extracts there are also many other types of natural molecules
such as amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, flavonoids, ketones, a wide range of terpenes, and more.

More information about this can be found here: Link

Carrier Oils


MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides” or “medium chain fatty acids.” They’re types of fat most often derived from coconut oil but sometimes made from palm oil.

MCT oil is colorless, odorless, and stays liquid at room temperature, making it the perfect fat to add to food, smoothies, and coffee for extra energy and brain-boosting benefits. More information about this can be found here: Link


Oil cold pressed from hemp seeds grown in the USA & Canada. This hemp oil is also from a hemp variety of Cannabis sativa. Hemp seed oil is very
nutritious and delivers polyunsaturated fatty acids with a desirable omega 3:6:9 ratio, but the main purpose of it being in our blend is to have a base oil to emulsify the hemp extract into. The hemp extract is a thick, sticky substance that is messy to handle and work with and it is much easier to package and consume when mixed into a base oil. The oil also helps to carry the cannabinoids more effectively into our bodies.

More information about this can be found here: Link




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